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Stardust is a library for rendering information visualizations with GPU (WebGL). Stardust provides an easy-to-use and familiar API for defining marks and binding data to them. With Stardust, you can render tens of thousands of markers and animate them in real time without the hassle of managing WebGL shaders and buffers.

Including Stardust in Your Project

To use Stardust in your projects, you can either add a <script> tag to our prebuilt bundle or install the node modules.

Use Stardust in Web Pages

Link to the latest release:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//stardustjs.github.io/stardust/v0.1.1/stardust.bundle.min.js"></script>

Use Stardust in Node

Install Stardust modules with npm:

npm install stardust-core
npm install stardust-webgl

In JavaScript code:

var Stardust = require("stardust-core");
var StardustWebGL = require("stardust-webgl");